"A demoness in Japanese mythology that lives in Yomi, the netherworld. She is the first demon Izanami sends after Izanagi."
—Compendium Info

Yomotsu-Shikome (ヨモツシコメ, Yomotsushikome) is a Level 7 Persona of the Fool Arcana.

It can be obtained from Shuffle Time in the Midnight Channel dungeons: Yukiko's Castle and Steamy Bathhouse.

Yomotsu-Shikome inherits the Negative Status skills in the fusions that use its card.


Strength Magic Endurance Agility Luck
2 7 7 8 4


Element Phys Agi Bufu Zio Garu Hama Mudo
Affinity - Weak Resist - - - Block
Effectiveness (%) 100 125 50 100 100 50 50


Skill Level Skill Level
Poisma Innate Sukunda 9
Skewer Innate Mudo 10
Evil Touch Innate Ghastly Wail 11

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