Shadow Chie Edit

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Shadow Chie

Shadow Chie is a boss fought on the second floor of Yukiko's Castle. After she is defeated, Chie will gain the power of Persona and joins you as the third party member.

Personality Edit

Shadow Chie is Chie's hidden and suppressed thoughts. Deep down Chie is having fun knowing the fact that Yukiko needs her. She thought that if she does not stand by Yukiko's side, Yukiko will not be able to do anything. The Shadow Chie has a dominating personality

Appearence Edit

Shadow Chie looks like a cross of an executioner wearing some kind of rug-mask to cover her face (like an executioner usually does) with an evil smiley face drawn, and a long-haired, yellow-clad dominatrix holding a whip, her hair has spear-shaped ends. She sits above a bunch of suffering female students, this implies her nature to make use of her friend


Use Garu until she uses Green Wall. While the effect is active use physical attacks, once the barrier is down, keep using Garu.