The Hermit Arcana

The Hermit (IX) is one of the Arcana, and one of the integral elements of gameplay.


Social LinkEdit

Represented by the Fox, a wild animal who lived in the shrine, wanting to fulfill the ema requests.

Arcana ChanceEdit

  • Upright: Reveals the entire map display.
  • Reverse: Conceals the entire map display.


0. Fool - I. Magician - II. Priestess - III. Empress - IV. Emperor - V. Hierophant - VI. Lovers - VII. Chariot - VIII. Justice - IX. Hermit - X. Fortune - XI. Strength - XII. Hanged Man - XIII. Death - XIV. Temperance - XV. Devil - XVI. Tower - XVII. Star - XVIII. Moon - XIX. Sun - XX. Judgement
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