"A hideous female monster with poison fangs and snakes instead of hair. Her name is Greek for "terrible." After Perseus took her head, he offered it to the gods who helped him slay her."
—Compendium Info

Gorgon (ゴルゴン, Gorugon) is a Level 34 Persona of the Empress Arcana.

It can be obtained from Shuffle Time in the Void Quest and Secret Laboratory dungeon.

Gorgon inherits "Ice" skills from other Personas in Fusion.


Strength Magic Endurance Agility Luck
20 21 25 24 19


Element Phys Agi Bufu Zio Garu Hama Mudo
Affinity - - Block - - Weak -
Effectiveness (%) 100 100 - 100 100 125 50


Skill Level Skill Level
Bufula Innate Null Confuse 36
Me Patra Innate Mabufula 38
Crazy Chain 35 Ice Boost 39

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