"Cannibalistic demon from Arabian lore. It feeds on the flesh of both the living and the dead. It is indistinguishable from normal humans, and prefers to prey on children and travellers."
— Compendium Info Ghoul is a level 9 Persona of the Death Arcana.
It can be obtained from Shuffle Time in the Midnight Channel dungeons Yukiko's Castle and Steamy Bathhouse.



Element Phys Agi Bufu Zio Garu Hama Mudo
Affinity - Weak Block - - Weak -
Effectiveness (%) 100 125 0 100 100 100 50


Skill Level Skill Level
Poisma Innate Poison Skewer 12
Sukukaja 10 Rakunda 13
Enervation 11 Poison Boost 14
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