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The Fortune Arcana

The Fortune (X) is one of the Arcana, and one of the integral elements of gameplay.


Social Link[]

Represented by Naoto Shirogane, first year student and teenage private detective.

Arcana Chance[]

  • Upright: Permanently increase a Persona's Luck by 1 to 3 points.
  • Reverse: Permanently decrease a Persona's Luck by 1 to 3 points.


  • Level 35 Fortuna
  • Level 44 Clotho
  • Level 51 Lachesis
  • Level 58 Ananta
  • Level 65 Atropos
  • Level 72 Norn

Fortune Social Link Progress

N.T: MC = Main Character


After 10/21, with maxed Knowledge and Courage status, talk to the man in black clothes (shopping district north) and choose “I know”
Talk to Naoto on 1/F teaching building, choose “Hand over the card”

N: What kind of person handed you this card?

Man with black clothes and sun glasses
Some guy who knows what you know
A weird guy

N: I'm afraid this guy is still in this town. I don't want to involve you from now on

What do you mean…
Even you're a girl, don't be unreasonable
Let's leave together

Rank 1

N: I'm afraid that's a prank

Even so I'm worried
That's absurd(BEST ANSWER)

N: ……

What happened?(ANY)
Okay if you're not going home?
A thief visiting the home of inspectors?

N: That person couldn't say anything, and I don't have anything that would worry me if lost

You better pay attention to your surrounding
Have you ever felt being hunted?
Seems to be related to the card(BEST ANSWER)

Rank 2

Naoto is holding a sealed letter

A challenge for a duel?
A love letter?
That card business again…? (BEST ANSWER)

N: Letter at this kind of time, just completely adds to the confusion…

You won't read it?
What if it's from a guy?
What'll you do with it?

Rank 3

Naoto is hold a card…

Love letter again?
Is this one from a guy this time?
That “card” again?(BEST ANSWER)

N: I have no time to deal with this trouble…

What are you worrying about?
Are you going to escape from this challenge?

N: Though… that would be regretful, wouldn't it?

Try your best
Let's go after the Burglar X(BEST ANSWER)

Rank 4

N: With a red face, and makes chomping noise with letter…? That is…

Puzzle game
A post box(BEST ANSWER)
A goat

N: Isn't my grandfather supposed to have this…? Why is this…

What was that?
Anyway, it's good to have got it back(BEST ANSWER)

N: I have to believe that I'll get to the deepest of this case… hmm… if I can…

Well… there's no other way around this
Let's solve it together(BEST ANSWER)
From now on, deal with it by yourself (Will cause Reverse)

Rank 5

N: … Why is that?

Cause I seem to be reliable(BEST ANSWER)
Cause we seem to be able to deal with each other quite well
Cause I seem to be of no any use to you

N: What is the “Down”, “Left”, “Left”, Down” of "堅持せよ橋の雫"…?

The lower left of the card seems to be suspicious
The lower left of the sentence seems to be suspicious
“Left” and “Down” seem to be suspicious(BEST ANSWER)

N: ……

I'm happy that Naoto is a girl < Flag for potential lover relationship
It doesn't matter what gender you are (BEST ANSWER)
There's no way around it

Rank 6

N: “Minus 2 times”, seems to be an important hint…

Looks like related to board games
Other cards must have some hidden secrets
Delete the word “2 times”?(BEST ANSWER)

N: Looks like I am undergoing some changes, too.

Whatever Naoto it is, it's still Naoto
Human beings change all the time naturally
Don't be scared(BEST ANSWER)

Rank 7

N: If we can do that well enough maybe we can take control of the scene

Don't do anything dangerous(BEST ANSWER)
Sounds like a bit lonely

The guy has drawn out a knife!

Protect Naoto < Lover relationship(BEST ANSWER)
Escape with Naoto
Fight back

Rank 8

N: My “favorite place”…?

Bright places
High places(BEST ANSWER)
Quiet places

N: … the next one is… “thing I'm bad at”… there are so many of them…

Must be sports
Throwing away things?(BEST ANSWER)

Rank 9

N: You… how did you feel?

Easy win
I felt very excited(BEST ANSWER)
I felt kinda defeated

Obtain item Detective Badge

N: Then MC, you have become my assistant!

Sure, just deploy me
Please give me a promotion!
No, you are my assistant

Naoto's persona evolved into Yamato Takeru

Rank maxed, Fortune Norn unlocked

0. Fool - I. Magician - II. Priestess - III. Empress - IV. Emperor - V. Hierophant - VI. Lovers - VII. Chariot - VIII. Justice - IX. Hermit - X. Fortune - XI. Strength - XII. Hanged Man - XIII. Death - XIV. Temperance - XV. Devil - XVI. Tower - XVII. Star - XVIII. Moon - XIX. Sun - XX. Judgement