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Contrarian King is an optional boss that becomes available after defeating Yukiko's Castle. The King will be waiting for you on the 8th floor, in the same room which you fought Shadow Yukiko in. You'll have to navigate the castle again from floor one during the next day after rescuing Yukiko Amagi.




Element Phys Agi Bufu Zio Garu Hama Mudo
Affinity - Absorb - - Null Null Null
Effectiveness (%) 50 -100 100 100 0 0 0



  • 450 Experience
  • 1000 ¥
  • Courage Boost


Contrarian King drains Fire, blocks Wind attacks and resists Physical and Almighty attacks. It can use Hysterical Slap, Marakunda if it manages a Critical Hit and the devastating Rampage whose power is enough to take out the player's party in a single cast.

Use Electricity and Ice attacks to bypass its resistances, the player should have Tarunda and Sukunda for this fight as well as a persona that resists Physical attacks if possible. Have Yosuke cast Sukukaja on the party members and use the protagonist to cast Tarunda and Sukunda to weaken him. This will decrease the chance of him hitting the party with Rampage. If the player is successful then Rampage should only hit about 50% at a time. Bring plenty of revival beads because the player will most probably need to revive those that weren't so lucky, and make sure that the protagonist is equipped with the resist physical persona to ensure his survival. If not, any Physical Mirrors you may have picked up on your journey should be used on your Protagonist.

If the Contrarian King is still too difficult, come back when the player has a persona that is immune to Physical attacks, and he should fall easily because he doesn't use elemental attacks.