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Black Frost

"A Jack Frost that wished for evil powers. This powerful demon is born when a cute Jack Frost remembers its nature as a demon."
—Compendium Info

Black Frost (ジャアクフロスト, Ja'aku Furosuto) is a Level 38 Persona of the Fool Arcana.

It can be obtained from Pentagon Spread Fusion in the Velvet Room; using Jack Frost, Pyro Jack, King Frost, Pixie and Ghoul.

Black Frost inherits "Dark" skills in the card fusions.


Strength Magic Endurance Agility Luck
23 31 22 23 22


Element Phys Agi Bufu Zio Garu Hama Mudo
Affinity - Absorb Absorb - - - Reflect
Effectiveness (%) 100 - - 100 100 50 -


Skill Level Skill Level
Maragion Innate Masukunda 41
Bufula Innate Fire Amp 42
Ice Boost Innate Agidyne 43
Mind Charge 40 Mudoon 44