Backside of the TV
Persona 4 - Backside of the TV

Persona 4 - Backside of the TV

Backside of the TV is a background song in Persona 4. It is sung by Shihoko Hirata, and as it's name implies, it is played during the Protagonist enters the Midnight Channel. A remix by Lotus Juice is available with Yosuke as the dancer in Persona 4: Dancing All Night.


Darkness Endless Despair Fear no more
Coldness Blackened No sound Feel no pain
Captured Helpless Ultimate Dreadful fate
Powerless Lifeless No breath Falling down

Lost destiny Far outcry They hear you no more
Numb feeling Whole dizziness Deep scars No pain
No sanity Body aching Control your own fate
Invisible Real enemy Bring your mind Deep Down

Down, down to the base
The sound you're about to hear is deep down hip hop
What you gonna do when they start to come up?
Well they've already come up to surround you up
To dis you at a world cup, but I guess it depends
On how you gonna behave in that moment, Huh
A moment of truth, tell me what's really happening
Their rhyme is nothing but you've got everything
Bro, you've got everything but you don't know anything

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